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Welcome to the brand new Abstraction Point! We are a small community that enjoys the finer aspects of music creation. We think of this site as our way to express ourselves in sound. There are funky tunes, there are soothing tunes... but most importantly there is the story behind everything. Music is a form of art, simple and pure. This is how we feel. We encourage you to explore the site a bit, head over to the forums, and participate in the fun with us!
AP Artists
Since we have started, a few artists have come to AP with their music. A wide variety of style resides in the Beat Exchange. Here is a list of the Beat Exchange artists, starting with the first to show up.

delrio - aka Null Productions, Exiled from Reality, Ultralisk - One of the three founders of AP, delrio makes whatever kind of music appeals to him at the time. From ambient to house to jungle to speedcore, this guy just doesn't conform to any one discipline of electronic music.

Reznyk - aka Cynic, Grim - A regular contributor of uplifting and soothing trance music. He really likes bells.

WiredTangenT (Wired) - If you want music high in funky-bassline content, don't overlook this guy. His house and drum'n'bass beats bring some serious groove to your speakers.

Dexi* - One of the famous AP one-hit wonders.

First Of The Great (FotG) - FotG is the resident master of melodies. His works are known to be extremely uplifting and beautiful.

SubArtic - aka QuantumFury - SubArtic will always be remembered as an experimental, robotic artist. Nobody really knows why.

mralgebra* - Not much is known about mralgebra, but he plays a mean CASIO organ.

Sam Johnson - Sam's specialty is bringing some energy to the dance floor with some hard trance beats.

DjQurt - DjQurt is the newest artist around AP, bringing his own special blend of chilled out lounge beats and driving dubstep with him.

An asterisk (*) next to an artist name denotes an artist who is no longer on the forums.