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Welcome to the brand new Abstraction Point! We are a small community that enjoys the finer aspects of music creation. We think of this site as our way to express ourselves in sound. There are funky tunes, there are soothing tunes... but most importantly there is the story behind everything. Music is a form of art, simple and pure. This is how we feel. We encourage you to explore the site a bit, head over to the forums, and participate in the fun with us!
News to be said -posted by Wired on May 22, 2010, 10:17:54 PM.-

Oye guys, sorry for the delay, we've been busy the past while, I've recently aquired a job at my dad's liquor store, and the rest of us fools have been in final exams.

at any cost, we've got a bunch of new tracks for you all to listen to.

SubArtic has been on a kick with his bUScITRA theme. he's got a few tracks out such as Genesis, My Heart, It Bleeds Artifical Grape Flavor and the newly added Play Date check em' out. but i warn you. your sanity may suffer by listening to these songs. Tongue

Next up, we've got a few songs out by Reznyk like Spaced Out Again and NP2 and NP3. they're definitely worth giving a few minutes of your time to listen to.

REVOT has made an appearance and has given us a bunch of tracks, this extended play is called Dream State and is also definitely worth the time to listen to.

FotG has come up with a new track as well. I don't really much care for trance, but his new track 48.9 is pretty great. highly recommended.

what's this? delrio has come up with ANOTHER pseudonym for music. check out his trance track under the name Gunjo entitled T-20. this song too, it pretty good.

sadly, I have not come up with any tracks this month, but rest assured, I'm working away during my free time. so hopefully by the next news update, i'll have some fresh beats for you to listen to.

Anyways, that's about it for now. be sure to register on the forums if you haven't had a chance yet. new, great stuff is happening all the time around here, so check back often. thanks guys,


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Battles, Desperation, and Disaster -posted by delrio on April 29, 2010, 02:29:08 AM.-

Alright, so nothing seriously bad is actually going on. Quite the opposite, in fact. We recently hit the end of Battle 7, aka The Silent Battle, which was a nice way to start up the whole Beat Battles thing again. I am quite pleased that my entry got the most votes, so I guess I am going to have to pick some new battle material for Battle #8 pretty soon here. Smiley You can check out all of the Silent Battle entries over in the Battle Arena.

In addition to the return of the Battles, we also have some great new songs for you to enjoy. Resident artist SubArtic put out some more of his unique stylings in his work titled Feeling Good in Desperation. It's got some great flow, and has that classic strangeness that is Sub's style that keeps you eager for more.

Reznyk is back with a truly remarkable piece of ambient trance, NEVEЯ, which I believe to be one of the finest pieces AP has ever seen. There is also a remix pack available on the forums, for those of you who like it enough to make your own work based on it. Wired has already made a fantastic dubstep remix of the track, which is also well worth checking out.

SubArtic's alternate robot personality named bUScITRA, last seen fleeing a massive explosion with the AP IRC bot AP-505, has made a new appearance as an AP artist. bUScITRA has mostly just put out a helpful Public Service Notice that you should keep your bUScITRA with you at all times. Check it out in his track Excuse Me, You Dropped Your bUScITRA.

LTL2 is an artist we haven't seen on AP before (or maybe we have, I'm not keeping track very well anymore), bringing us a long-awaited release of a track inspired by Shakespeare, Sin Tamora. Bonus points if you recognize the text of the cover art!

And finally, we have a second track put out by Reznyk, Disaster. It's a nice piece of intense background music. It is deep and quite suspenseful, and as all of Reznyk's tunes are, a very great song to check out.

That's all for this update, but there's always great new stuff happening here. If you aren't a member on the forums, be sure to Register, so you can get in on all of the action! And as usual, you can find our tunes by browsing through the AP Beat Exchange, where everyone is welcome to post their creative musical works. Smiley

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