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Welcome to the brand new Abstraction learn binary options trading Point! We are a small community that enjoys the finer aspects of music creation. We think of this site as our way to express ourselves in sound. There are funky tunes, there are soothing tunes... but most importantly there is the story behind everything. Music is a form of art, simple and pure. This is how we feel. We encourage you to explore the site a bit, head over to the forums, and participate in the fun with us!
AP Rebirth - User Input Needed! -posted by delrio on August 05, 2010, 01:55:05 AM.-

Well, we're at a bittersweet point here at AP. This site how to trade binary options successfully will be closing down... for now. There's just not enough traffic right now to justify dropping more money on it at the present. However, AP is not gone. I will be working on rebuilding a brand new site completely different from this first generation of AP. We plan on adding a whole bunch of new features to make the experience fun not only for musicians and producers, but for people who like to just listen to music. We want everyone to have a way to get involved with the community. As you all might have noticed, the current AP just fits into too much of a niche. There's no room for non-musicians to really get involved. This was purely unintentional, but now that we have noticed it, we are working on a way to fix it.

We have a topic set up for the last few days of AP's hosting. Please check it out: http://forum.abstractionpoint.net/index.php?topic=896.0

If the forums fall apart and you want to get in touch with us to help us build a truly revolutionary AP, I strongly encourage you to hop onto our IRC channel. The channel is #apoint on irc.globalgamers.net port 6667.

Thanks for all you guys have done for us so far. We plan to continue bringing you free and open music created by regular everyday people. We plan to let artists learn from each other. Most importantly, we hope that everyone involved so far can continue to enjoy music. May the beat never die!

Jon "delrio" Cox
AP Site Administrator

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News to be said -posted by Wired on May 22, 2010, 10:17:54 PM.-

Oye guys, sorry for the delay, we've been busy the past while, I've recently aquired a job at my dad's liquor store, and the rest of us fools have been in final exams.

at any cost, we've got a bunch of new tracks for you all to listen to.

SubArtic has been on a kick with his bUScITRA theme. he's got a few tracks out such as Genesis, My Heart, It Bleeds Artifical Grape Flavor and the newly added Play Date check em' out. but i warn you. your sanity may suffer by listening to these songs. Tongue

Next up, we've got a few songs out by Reznyk like Spaced Out Again and NP2 and NP3. they're definitely worth giving a few minutes of your time to listen to.

REVOT has made an appearance and has given us a bunch of tracks, this extended play is called Dream State and is also definitely worth the time to listen to.

FotG has come up with a new track as well. I don't really much care for trance, but his new track 48.9 is pretty great. highly recommended.

what's this? delrio has come up with ANOTHER pseudonym for music. check out his trance track under the name Gunjo entitled T-20. this song too, it pretty good.

sadly, I have not come up with any tracks this month, but rest assured, I'm working away during my free time. so hopefully by the next news update, i'll have some fresh beats for you to listen to.

Anyways, that's about it for now. be sure to register on the forums if you haven't had a chance yet. new, great stuff is happening all the time around here, so check back often. thanks guys,


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